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"I would like to write you this testimonial as a token of my gratitude for the way you have accepted me into your club and the friendship and respect I have been shown in that time.


Almost 5 years ago my father passed away suddenly, a short while after this happened I started to write up a list of “unfinished business,” things I had started but had never completed.


At the top of my list was obtaining a black belt in martial arts. I didn’t know what style I wanted to do at that time, I had trained kung fu for over 25 years and we use a black sash as our white belt, so I had never attained a black belt in over 30 years of training, definitely unfinished business.


So I looked around for a local school that has classes on the only night I had available, didn’t have much choice, after checking out a couple of classes I was disheartened as I didn’t really click with any of them


Soon after I received a facebook message from an old friend, Kancho Hugh Lynch – Gardner saying BRKMA is starting a Tuesday night class at St Marys Hombu. That was enough for me.


I have had the greatest respect for Kancho Hugh & Kyoshi Cheryl for a very long time, and from the moment I walked into the school I felt welcome. Ever since that moment I have been made to feel like part of the family, injuries I obtained over the years have been taken into account and the fact I can only train one night a week at most has not held me back from my dream of obtaining my black belt.


Not only are both Hugh & Cheryl my karate teachers, they are confidants, they are friends, they are my reality check at times, they are leaders, they are coaches of coaches, they have taught me so many things about martial arts most of which they don’t realise. They have made me a better martial artist and a better martial arts instructor.


One thing about kancho and kyoshi that blew me away was just after my wife had cancer surgery in April 2015 we received a 3 tier box in the shape of a wedding cake. My wife and I had got married a few days after her surgery and after a very long period of stress and worry this was their beautiful gift to us, it was filled with many little items which really meant the world to Karen & I. I shed a tear to be honest…


I suppose what I am getting at with this testimonial is a few points


Budo Ryu Kempo Martial Arts is a complete style of martial arts which I love learning


Budo Ryu Kempo Martial Arts is a family, the way martial arts should be traditionally


Budo Ryu Kempo Martial Arts have a great team of instructors all of whom are amazing people


Budo Ryu Kempo Martial Arts have the knowledge, skills and attitude to make you a complete martial artist


Budo Ryu Kempo Martial Arts Kancho & Kyoshi are highly respected in the martial arts community


And last but by no way least, my words to Kancho & Kyoshi


Kancho Hugh, thank you for your friendship, you sense of humour, your honesty and your attitude


Kyoshi Cheryl, thank you for your friendship, guidance, your way of teaching and your patience


To both of you I say thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your club, it is an honour to be a representative of Budo Ryu Kempo Martial Arts


I look forward to continuing my journey.." Stuart aged 40 years




  I have been a member of Budo Ryu Kempo for five years. I too like many others had the dream of becoming a Black Belt, however I also want to become an Instructor and share my knowledge with others. Kyoshi Cheryl & Kancho Hugh are an enormous support to me in all I do. For me I love that Budo Ryu Kempo is about people learning to defend themselves, no matter where they come from or what their situation is.

I would highly reccomend Budo Ryu Kempo to everyone as I am a proud member myself."

 Kira aged 33 years



"Training with Budo Ryu Kempo is amazing. The people are all so friendly and helpful. I have become fitter, stronger, faster and learnt how to defend myself, all in a safe and fun environment. I am excited to come and train with everyone as much as I can. I recommend Budo Ryu to everyone. It is great for all ages. Thank you to everyone for helping me with my training" Jake aged 23 years

"In the short time I have had the pleasure of studying martial arts with Budo Ryu Kempo I have become a very proud and happy BRK member and student. BRK is in my opinion simply a fantastic organisation! The BRK club spirit is strong, with all instructors, and students, being friendly, helpful and welcoming. They are a very family and community oriented organisation , offering affordable classes where parents can train alongside their children. For me personally this is a really wonderful thing to attend classes and train in martial arts with my daughter. BRK's traditional training style sticks close to to the core structures of historical martial arts training, with a strong focus on kata, and even stronger focus on important self defence. So much so that my self defence ability is already starting to feel second nature! The fitness element in their training is also not forgotten, and many nights I have finished training with a huge smile on my face, drenched in sweat and satisfyingly exhausted! All of this is delivered in a fun and friendly environment... what more could I ask for?. I am happily recommending Budo Ryu Kempo to my friends, family and anyone else interested!" Dan aged 36 years


" Am innovative and fresh approach that is fun and exciting for the kids whilst remaining true to the foundations and discipline of the art. With friendly, committed and extremely helpful instructors preparing a variety in lessons that is truly commendable. A definite thumbs up...Thoroughly pleased!" Miles ..father of student


What people are saying about out Self Defence workshops

"Very informative, surprised myself at how effective the moves are on much bigger persons"

"Advice on different situations was very useful"

"Instructors were patient and helpful and understanding"
"Very inspiring people"

"A fantastic time"

"It was great being able to take down those big guys onto the ground- awesome


"It is rare in the martial arts industry to find instructors willing to open their curriculum up to traditional grappling but we are very fortunate to find one in Sydney at the Budo Ryu Kempo Martial Arts Club. I applaud Cheryl & Hugh for taking this approach & can vouch that they run a very family friendly organisation through their multiple venues which can be found at their website;Coach Gavin Dickson - Coreeda Association of Australia

29th July, 2013                                      

Dear Respected All Friends,
Its our pleasure that from BUDO RYU KEMPO(Australia) Mrs CHerry mam and Miss Loren give training to redbrigade girls.

She is great women who think about us for self defence.
we r remembering them......
she learn us very extra technic... very important and valuable..... — with
Budo Ryu Kempo.

 Red Brigade Lucknow- India


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